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About Jane

Jane Robbins studied at Eastbourne School of Art under Robert Tavener the print-maker who was a great influence and support. He advised her to go to Hornsey College of Art where she studied Graphic Design. During the subsequent years of teaching art and working, she continued to produce her own work - mainly printmaking, but also for a while designing knitting patterns.

She later began to work in paper collage, which combined a life long interest in flat pattern, patchwork and found objects, mixing them together to produce new decorative images. Jane finds patterns everywhere - magazines, packaging, even the insides of envelopes but mainly in newpapers - The Guardian being the very best source. She might use a picture of a flock of birds to cut out the shape of a cloud or a skyscaper might become the veins of a leaf, a check shirt may become a building. She often forgets what they were originally - allowing them to take on a new life of their own.

The feedback Jane received from friends and family inspired her to pursue collage-making full-time and she now sells her work at exhibitions and shows, in the form of giclee prints and greetings cards. The originals are quite delicate being made of newspaper and scraps. They are taken to a Fine Art Printer ,where they are photographed at a very high resolution and made into giclee prints on high grade art paper.She has made several commemorative pieces - mainly to celebrate weddings and babies' birthdays.