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Picnic Tablecloth


Freshly washed and on the line. I found this treasure last week at a car boot sale.

Easyart Leather Lane Event


It was a really beautiful autumn day.The pictures don't do it justice but the stalls that Easyart had set up looked lovely - all white with veg boxes from a greengrocer, painted white to display the goods. It was a great venue. Leather Lane is vibrant street market right in the city with good foodie stalls and clothes - Easyart's London Offices overlook the market.

Work for the Shard


I was asked to produce some work for the shop at the Shard. These are the two images they chose. They are printed on small canvases - nice and easy to take home as souvenirs. I had a wonderful visit to the viewing platform and was almost overwhelmed by what I could see - it was almost too much to take in. It would be nearly impossible to try to make an image of the whole of London, so I narrowed it down to the river and bridges. The idea for the Shard at night came later, looking through my resource of scraps. I would still like to tackle the obvious view - The Tower of London, looking like a little toy fort with Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast in the foreground - perhaps another time.

collecting patterns


Patterns ranging from the 12th century to the 1960s found in Barcelona.

the forecast is good


Getting ready to show some work at the Newhaven Coastguard Cottages this weekend and weather promises to be kind. It is such a pretty garden and there are lots more to see on the trail.

on the trail too.